[htdig] No output

Subject: [htdig] No output
From: Niklas Saers Mailinglistaccount (niklasmls@saers.com)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 16:57:50 PST

Hi. I'm using htDig for a searching service called http://search.meg.nu
which right now is very much experimental. (oh, do submit a site like
www.yahoo.com and prove my point that it is very much experimental)
Anyways... I've made a script http://search.meg.nu/list.php where you can
search the indexed sites. But, if you enter a value here, htDig will just
send a header and then no good output. The source of the results.php is
available at http://search.meg.nu/results.phps and htdig.sh is readable as
  Is there anyone who can explain to me why I just get Content-type:
text/html and an empty line? When I do this from the command prompt, it
just stays there hanging. This is almost the exact same thing which I use
for http://www.meg.nu searching, and that one works perfectly. Further
more, if I submit something like
http://search.meg.nu/results.php?search=music which uses the meg.nu search
database, the script works fine.

Help? Please? :)

Sincerely yours

  Niklas Saers

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