Re: [htdig] Search terms won't show up...

Subject: Re: [htdig] Search terms won't show up...
From: Brian A. Marks (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:58:07 PST

> >I have ht://Dig installed at my site ( and just love it.
> >However, when searching for terms I _know_ exist on many of the pages, they
> >won't turn up for some reason, but other searches are successful. I know
> Strange...
> I'd check the db.wordlist file for these words. I'd also compare the
> lines for those words with the ones that seem to work. Are the i:
> values the same (these are the DocumentID numbers)?

Hello Geoff:

Thank you kindly for your time and help. The example search I used was
"spark plugs" and when using "grep" to find out if "spark" or "plug" exists
in the db.wordlist file, both words exist but only as part of another
word. For some reason, the htdig or htmerge program concatenated these two
words with words before or after them, and did not leave the whitespace
around the words alone. For example, I do not find "spark" alone but do
find "ngksparkplug" - which does not ever occur in any of the documents as
shown, but does exist as "ngk spark plug" for example. Any further clues
in this information?

Thanks once again.

Brian A. Marks
Vertical Stores Corp.
Grand Prix Store /

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