Re: [htdig] Using metatag other than htdig-notification-date?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Using metatag other than htdig-notification-date?
From: Ivan Trundle (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:29:53 PST

> >>> Geoff Hutchison <> - 20/1/00 3:46 AM >>>
> >And if I manage to overcome this metatag-problem, how do I get htnotify to use
> >our local dd-mm-yyyy format? Would setting date_format do the job?
> I believe so, but it's been ages since I've looked at

Nope - we tried this, but the date_format only appears to apply in the formatting of found results, and is not used by htnotify. Shame really, since here in Australia we have no idea what 1/30/2000 means - is it only the US that uses mmddyyyy formatting? ;-)

Gilles, in a later posting, implies that it can be configured, with an iso_8601 option, but we have yet to make this work. I'd like to know more (Gilles? Would you care to expand on this comment?).

> There are many "wishlist" items for htnotify, but it's been placed
> far down on the TODO for most of us--if someone wants to fix that, I
> think we'd all appreciate it.

htnotify has the potential to do many things that would make my website management tasks enjoyable and error-free - but it is, in essence, a different beast to the main tools employed in htdig operations.

I'd be happier with htdig developers focussing on making the searches accurate, configurable, and fast - though of course it would be *really* nice if other file management tools (htnotify, et al) were able to be incorporated in the overall package. I only wish that I had the resources to pitch in and help make htdig the ultimate website swiss-army knife...

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