Re: [htdig] Ampersand in URL

Subject: Re: [htdig] Ampersand in URL
From: Torsten Neuer (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 09:46:11 PST

David Adams wrote:
> The second is when a page's author has mistakenly marked up a bare '&' in
> the URL as '&'. This is - of course - wrong, and htdig does not
> find the page. For example:

Encoding bare ampersand characters as HTML entities in URLs is not only
but also required by HTML 4.01 specification as issued by W3C.

You will need Ht://Dig >= v3.1.4 to process entity encodings in URLs

The first problem seems mainly to be related to the shell handling the
character as a special character.. I suspect "" not to
shell-escape the
command string correctly, thus trying to have the shell execute
"" as a
command itself. This could also be a security issue if there is such an
ble on the system that could be run.

Maybe it can be fixed by shell-escaping "$parsecmd" in ""?



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