[htdig] HTTP-EQUIV (redirect)

Subject: [htdig] HTTP-EQUIV (redirect)
From: Jason Carvalho (J.Carvalho@Cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 01:36:46 PST

Htdig seems to be indexing, but not following the link on the
following page. The page should refresh to a new page in your
browser after a second, but there is a proper link in place for the
user to click just in case.

There is then a whole sub-section of pages, which are not getting
indexed by htdig.

Are there any known issies with http-equiv????


         <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1; url=111999/index.htm">

<body bgcolor="White" text="Navy">

You should be transferred automatically to the current edition. If
not please <a href="111999/index.htm">click this link</a>.


Jason Carvalho
Web Analyst
Cranfield University
Email: J.Carvalho@Cranfield.ac.uk
Tel:   01234 750111  x2159

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