Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link

Subject: Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link
From: Rodger Zeisler (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 08:49:54 PST

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Subject: Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link

> According to Rodger Zeisler:
> > I tried leaving the builtin-long as the internal name a replacing the
> > template name with the file name, but that didn't work. It appeared to
> > ignore the template.html file. After I changed the internal name to
> > target-long and changed the default template_name to the same, it all
> > worked.
> Yes, this a long-standing discrepancy between the documentation and code
> for htsearch. The documentation says if the filename is builtin-long or
> builtin-short, the predefined template will be used. The htsearch code
> acutally checks the internal name (2nd field), rather than the file name
> (3rd field). In practise, you should set both or neither to be assured
> it will work. I suspect that one day, the code will fall in line with
> the documentation, which is the more logical of the two approaches.
> Note that when you change the internal names in your template_map and
> template_name attributes, you should also change them in your initial
> search form (search.html).

I didn't change the search form and it all worked. I am assuming that the
htsearch tries to find bultin-long in the template_map, it can't, so it uses
the default specified in the template_name, which is set to the custom
template internal name.

Rodger Zeisler

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