Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link

Subject: Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 08:35:11 PST

According to Rodger Zeisler:
> I tried leaving the builtin-long as the internal name a replacing the
> template name with the file name, but that didn't work. It appeared to
> ignore the template.html file. After I changed the internal name to
> target-long and changed the default template_name to the same, it all
> worked.

Yes, this a long-standing discrepancy between the documentation and code
for htsearch. The documentation says if the filename is builtin-long or
builtin-short, the predefined template will be used. The htsearch code
acutally checks the internal name (2nd field), rather than the file name
(3rd field). In practise, you should set both or neither to be assured
it will work. I suspect that one day, the code will fall in line with
the documentation, which is the more logical of the two approaches.

Note that when you change the internal names in your template_map and
template_name attributes, you should also change them in your initial
search form (search.html).

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