[htdig] do not display some URL...

Subject: [htdig] do not display some URL...
From: Anthony Hinsinger (Anthony.Hinsinger@hermes.univ-metz.fr)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 03:12:11 PST

i've a problem, i doesn't want that .shtml pages appears on the search
result, but if i add .shtml in the bad_extensions option and launch rundig,
htdig can create db but empty db because all links for real html document
are in .shtml menus scripts

Can i search in the .shtml documents but not display it

Anthony Hinsinger
CRIUM - Cellule Réseau
Université de Metz - Ile du Saulcy
57000 Metz
03 87 54 70 86

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