Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link

Subject: Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link
From: Rodger Zeisler (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 15:16:09 PST

I added the following lines to my htdig.conf file:

template_map: Long target-long
/usr/home/infoserv/www/htdig/htdocs/template.html \
              Short builtin-short builtin-short
template_name: target-long

Then I copied the template.html file from the src directory and modified it
by adding TARGET=_blank withing the <A> tag. It all worked fine!

I tried leaving the builtin-long as the internal name a replacing the
template name with the file name, but that didn't work. It appeared to
ignore the template.html file. After I changed the internal name to
target-long and changed the default template_name to the same, it all

Thanks for the help.

Rodger Zeisler

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Subject: Re: [htdig] Adding TARGET=_blank to each results set link

> According to Rodger Zeisler:
> > Is there a way (other then modify the code) to at TARGET=_blank to each
> > the results set links so that when I click on the link, it opens a new
> > window? I scanned through the htsearch configuration keywords and
> > notice anything obvious.
> You need to define the result template files you want to use, via the
> template_map attribute, then edit the template files to add in the HTML
> parameters you want. Modifying the code to change the builtin-long and
> builtin-short templates is definitely not the best way to do this, and
> would defeat the whole point of having a template capability in the first
> place.
> See
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