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Subject: [htdig] indexing
From: Rob Zimmerman (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 17:04:22 PST

Howdy folks. I have just recently built and install htdig on our webserver and
it went smooth. Now I am working with htdig.htmerge and htsearch. I have
modified the conf file to what I think I need for testing but have a few
observations. I have looked through the archives for hints and tried many but I
am missing something.....

I am trying to dig the contents and links from:
http://www.dentalceramics.com/mail_archives/ <--start url

It contains an index.html with links to 1999/ 2000/ dentaltalk/2000/ and some

I have tried all sorts of combos in the limit_url directive but I either get just the
index page indexed or much more than I asked for, that is I left limit_url
blank ;-)

Htdig will not follow a relative href like <a href="1999/">1999</a> unless I add
1999/ to the start_url. Since this site is under my control I new that without
having to search manually source html.

My question. How do I get htdig to follow that herf without having to add that
to the start_url? My thought is when I go to index other dental sites that are
built similarly I will not know this. I understand that it does not match any
string in the limit_url even though the link is within the domain. Did I miss

Many thanks,
Robert Zimmerman [rob@readysite.net]
IT Manager
ReadySite LLC

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