[htdig] Present status of whatsnew.pl

Subject: [htdig] Present status of whatsnew.pl
From: Gareth Marlow (Gareth_Marlow@scientia.com)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 07:09:26 PST

I have a happily-running htdig on a Linux RedHat 6.0 system here. I have
had no end of trouble with whatsnew.pl, however...

First off, I couldn't get BerkeleyDB.pm to compile. I understand that this
is a known problem with the way that the c libraries are configured in
newer linuxes. Eventually, I got hold of version 0.04 of the above, which
was old enough to compile with the versions of the libdb present on the

Now the script is failing with a number of different errors. I figured
that the line:

chop (($DefDate = '19'.`date +%y%m%d`));

should be changed to

chop (($DefDate = '20'.`date +%y%m%d`));

But it's still binning out as follows:

[root@penguin whatsnew]# ./whatsnew.pl -v
Generating 'Whats New' for documents newer than 'Sun Jan 9 00:00:00
x outside of string at ./whatsnew.pl line 294.
[root@penguin whatsnew]#

I think when this has happened before, it's been because the script hasn't
been updated to reflect changes in the htdig database structure. Is this
what has happened in this case?

I hope you can help me. This is an excellent tool which would be perfect
if I could get the script working...


Gareth Marlow, Systems Administrator                     Scientia Ltd.

"A witty saying proves nothing." - Voltaire

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