[htdig] Problem restarting htdig (bug ?)

Subject: [htdig] Problem restarting htdig (bug ?)
From: Paul COURBIS (Paul.Courbis@zorglub.crm.mot.com)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 07:44:56 PST

Hi !

When I try to restartd a dig after a signal (-l option) I get the message :
htdig: Retriever.cc:79: Retriever::Retriever(enum RetrieverLog = Retriever_noLog): Assertion `l && buffer[l -1] == '\n'' failed.

This happens wether I ran htmerge or not, but only if htdig has run
for a long time (let say after indexing 60000 doc for example). If I kill
and restart htdig after a short run it works...

db.log was containing about 60000 url too. Htdig fails after restarting 10%
of listed servers (monitored viewing the "New Server messages).

BTW, yes I do have enough free disk space ;-)

Any help would be apreciated !


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