Re: [htdig] external parser

Subject: Re: [htdig] external parser
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 21:21:16 PST

At 3:24 PM +0100 1/10/00, Markus Mohr wrote:
>I noticed, that all calls to external parsers fail. That includes catdoc
>for example, that is installed in a common path

Very strange. I assume the UID running htdig has permission to write
to the directory $TMPDIR?

>Also I noticed that htfuzzy segfaults and coredumps. Maybe this is
>somehow connected (maybe with BSDI).

I assume you see this with "htfuzzy endings"

For whatever reason, the included regex code does not work well on
BSD systems. It would be nice to come up with a configure test for
this, but in the meantime, the solution is to remove all references
to regex from the htlib/ and rebuild. This should use the
system's native regex.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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