[htdig] search problem

Subject: [htdig] search problem
From: Francois TALLEU (francois.talleu@loria.fr)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 09:41:34 PST


we have the following problem with htdig 3.1.4:

for some words, htdig send back to the browser a error instead of correct

this appears only with some words.

example: the word 'décompte' return no answer even so it is in the digged

the answer sentence also is wrong:
No matches were found for ''
as it should be No matches were found for 'décompte' .
(Il n'y a pas de résultat pour '') in french

it seems that the search word is loss somewhere.

you can check in our server here:


Francois TALLEU
tél:+ 33 (0)3 83 67 61 51 fax: +33 (0)3 83 67 61 59

Incubateur Loria, chateau du Montet 2 rue du Doyen Roubault 54500 VANDOEUVRE

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