RE: [htdig] NT 4.0 binaries - how to get it to run under NT

Subject: RE: [htdig] NT 4.0 binaries - how to get it to run under NT
From: Stein, Thomas (AGLW) (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 09:30:47 PST

Dear Htdiggers,

I just want to summarise (as far as I remember after all the forth and
backs) my experiences on how I got htdig to work under NT 4.0. Its not
perfect but it works. Thanks to Peter van de Kerkhof and Geoff Hutchison for
their hints (I didn't get the pdf parser to work yet and probably some other
stuff I haven't realised yet).

1. First you need to install the Cygwin environment under NT . I copied the 'sh.exe' and 'mv.exe'
file from the cygwin directory into the 'c:\bin' directory as the mv command
is been demanded later on.
2. Extract your htdig in the usual way (it seems to be easier to do it on
your c drive...).
3. Start the Cygwin shell
4. Run the 'configure' script in the usual way
5. Edit the 'CONFIG' file to adjust for your settings
6. Run 'make'
7. As 'exe' files are being created the 'Makefile's within the following
sub-directories have to be edited manually by adding '.exe' to the target
statement. Leave the rest of the file in peace...
All you have to do is to change e.g. the 'TARGET= ' section from
        'TARGET= htdig' to
        'TARGET= htdig.exe'

Do it in a similar way in the directories:

8. Edit the 'Makefile' in the 'db/dist' directory. It is different to the
others so you need to change the 'PROGS= 'section by adding '.exe' again

PROGS= db_archive db_checkpoint db_deadlock.exe \
                db_dump db_load db_printlog db_recover db_stat


PROGS= db_archive.exe db_checkpoint.exe db_deadlock.exe \
                db_dump.exe db_load.exe db_printlog.exe db_recover.exe \


9. Run 'make install' out of the main directory. The directories should be
installed now and the files copied to the directories.

10. Copy the 'cygwin1.dll' file (look in the cygwin directories) into your
'cgi-bin' directory of you www server (there is probably also another way to
do it :-))

11. Change into the created '../htdig/bin/' directory and edit the 'rundig'
start script. You need to add '.exe' to the end of the executables like
htdig, htfuzzy, etc. e.g.
        $BINDIR/htdig.exe -i $opts $stats $alt
        $BINDIR/htmerge.exe $opts $stats $alt
        $BINDIR/htfuzzy.exe $opts endings
12. Configure your '../conf/htdig.conf' file according to your needs

13. To build the database run 'rundig' (out of the cygwin shell). You may
have to specify the configuration file on the command line (it didn't work
the other way around in my case).
For example: 'rundig -c ../conf/htdig.conf'

14. The database should be built now.

15. Edit the standard search file 'search.htm' or 'search.html' to adjust
for 'htsearch' being 'htsearch.exe'.
<form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/htsearch.exe">

Good luck and thanks for any additions !




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