[htdig] Broken "sort" in RH 6.1

Subject: [htdig] Broken "sort" in RH 6.1
From: F Harvell (fharvell@fts.net)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 12:46:26 PST

  Just to let everyone know, the unix "sort" command, which htmerge
uses, is broken on redhat linux version 6.1. It appears to not handle
non-alphanumeric characters correctly. Because of this, it is likely
that anyone that changes the "valid_punctuation" or
"extra_word_characters" parameters in the config file will likely get
inconsistent results.

  Redhat has the "bug" listed 6 times in their database. If anyone
knows how to _really_ get the word to them that sort (and likely other
utilities in the textutils 2.0 package) is broken, please let me know.

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