[htdig] A great question!!!

Subject: [htdig] A great question!!!
From: J Carlos Morales Duarte. (jcmd@acer.com.mx)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 07:52:45 PST

        Happy new year everybody!!

i hav a problem whiht my Htdig 3.1.4, look...

{INTERNET}----[SERVER WEB]---[Firewall]---[SERVER1]

in may SERVER1 every mornig copy the files of web to WEB SERVER, and i use
the SERVER1 how backup and programing whitout problems in this SERVER1 i
hav htdig 3.14 and the WEB SERVER too. but in my SERVER1 my custum pages
of results display nice, but in SERVER WEB not, in this server appear the
pages standar,

= i copy the files coustumized to WEB SERVER whitout results.

Any suggestion, its welcome.

Thankx in advantage.

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