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Subject: [htdig]
From: Rickard Lundgren (rickard.lundgren@rfsl.se)
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:44:47 PST


I'm having a problem when I'm indexing my site, when i start htidg it goes
smooth at first but later it take up more and more memory space (after a few
hours) and finally the server hangs. Even though i set the priority to htdig
to 20 i still does the same thing. But when i run htmerge och the databse
that htdig has created so far it workds just fine

I run htidg och MacOS X Server with a G3 with 384 MB of physical memory,
when htdig hangs the server the database is about 800 MB large, is it
possible that the site and hence the databse is to large to handle for htdig
and the hardware?

Anyone had any similar problems, anyone who might know the reason to this

/Rickard Lundgren

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