[htdig] customize language of interface - ${commondir}

Subject: [htdig] customize language of interface - ${commondir}
From: J Carlos Morales D. (jcmd@acer.com.mx)
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 16:43:30 PST


        i sorry very much could'nt answer your question, but i need some
help, i see yor web and your page of results its custum for you language,
i need doing that, but i follow the instruccion and nothig matters,

        in my htdig.conf uncomment the lines needles, and modified the
files in ${commondir} but nothigs happend, Oh, one thing, in my INTRANET
the changes in the files in ${commondir} works very good. BUT in Internet

        i hav a firewall, and out the machine whit WEB services, i reply
all days from a machine inside firewall, whit Apache.




J Carlos Morales D.

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