[htdig] Local indexing problem

Subject: [htdig] Local indexing problem
From: Andreas Jung (ajung@sz-sb.de)
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 01:23:13 PST


take a look at the following config file:

start_url: http://einstein.sz-sb.de/zeitschriften/ct/1999/
local_urls: http://einstein.sz-sb.de/zeitschriften/ct/1999/=/doc2/docroot/zeitschriften/ct/1999/
local_urls_only: true
limit_urls_to: ${start_url}

I want to get the files under /doc2/docroot/zeitschriften/ct/1999/ indexed
by local file access but not through HTTP. However htdig fails with the
following error:

www@einstein:/opt/htdig/conf > ../bin/htdig -v 2 -i -c ct.conf

New server: einstein.sz-sb.de, 80
0:0:0:http://einstein.sz-sb.de/zeitschriften/ct/1999/: not found

Both the logical URL exists and the path in the local filesystem is ok.

Any hint ? Thanks,

                               (' O-O ')
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   Saarbrücker Daten-Innovations-Center
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