[htdig] question

Subject: [htdig] question
From: Yurais Fernandez Leal (yurais@medired.scu.sld.cu)
Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 14:22:14 PST

Hi friends ...

A Quick question.

Is there any way to set Ht so I can do only Filenames searches on an indexed FTP server ?

I have the FTP Server accesed by HTTP, Can I make this ?, every directory has a description, I want only to give back the Filename and the description when someone make the search...

Regards and thankx in advance, I know you can help, or forward this mail to someone that can help, this is intended to be used on an Education Environment, It's a Medical School.

Happy New Year !


Yurais Fernández Leal
 MediRed Network SysAdmin.
 mailto: yurais@medired.scu.sld.cu
 visit: http://www.scu.sld.cu/~yurais
 ICQ: 33792610 ICQGW: 1031
 Phone: +53 (226) 54204


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