[htdig] htdig says "no server running" after a while

Subject: [htdig] htdig says "no server running" after a while
From: Michael Balzer (balzer@bbcomp.de)
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 02:02:04 PST


htdig has to index a medium scale document database
over here (about 2.5 gb in about 120.000 documents).
the system is a suse linux 6.2 with apache 1.3.6,
htdig is 3.1.4. reindexing is done every night.

we recently noticed that htdig missed some (read: an
increasingly large number of) documents. on investigating
with -vv, i found htdig at some (varying) point saying
"...(document): Unable to build connection with (server)"
instead of "size = ..." followed by "no server running"
on the next line instead of the "pick:" message.

it continues trying to fetch docs, but every document from
then on just logs with "...: no server running"

BUT the apache server is still running -- it's running all
the time. i'm now experimenting with starting more apache
server processes and increasing minspareservers as well as
number of clients and requests per client.

it *seems* the error occurs the later the more apache processes
are running. but the current run is already going with 20
(!) apaches, which is more than ever needed on our internet
server... and i'm not yet sure it will index everything now.

any hints?

michael balzer

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