Re: [htdig] make install 3.1.4 on BSDI

Subject: Re: [htdig] make install 3.1.4 on BSDI
From: Markus Mohr (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 12:41:09 PST

> Well, I'm stumped. The loop in the Makefile that installed images looks
> just like all the other install loops. I can't see anything else that
> could cause the test command to get a syntax error. If you can't track
Me too. :(

> it down, I'd suggest trying to install again from scratch. It may be that
> your Makefile was corrupted somehow.
That was an install from scratch. The image dir is empty.

I doublechecked permissions and have also tried to copy the images
manually, but still this error prevails.

Here is the part from the Makefile, but I donīt see an error.
Tell me, if you need additional information.


install: all
        @echo "Installing ht://Dig"
        @echo ""
        @echo "Creating directories (if needed)..."
        -@for i in $(CREATEDIRS); do \
                $(top_srcdir)/mkinstalldirs $(INSTALL_ROOT)$$i; \
        done && test -z "$$fail"
        @echo ""
        @echo "Installing individual programs..."
        @for i in $(INSTALLDIRS); do \
                (cd $$i; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) install); \
        done && test -z "$$fail"
        @echo ""
        @echo "Installing default configuration files..."
        @if [ ! -f $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(CONFIG_DIR)/htdig.conf ]; then sed
s%@IMAGEDIR@%$(IMAGE_URL_PREFIX)% $(top_srcdir)/installdir/htdig.conf
>$(INSTALL_ROOT)$(CONFIG_DIR)/htdig.conf; echo $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(CONFIG_DIR)/htdig.conf;fi
        @if [ ! -f $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(SEARCH_DIR)/$(SEARCH_FORM) ]; then
        @for i in $(COMMONHTML); do \
                if [ ! -f $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(COMMON_DIR)/$$i ]; then sed
-e s%@IMAGEDIR@%$(IMAGE_URL_PREFIX)% $(top_srcdir)/installdir/$$i
        done && test -z "$$fail"
        @for i in $(COMMONDICT); do \
                if [ ! -f $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(COMMON_DIR)/$$i ]; then
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(top_srcdir)/installdir/$$i
fi; \
        done && test -z "$$fail"
        @echo "Installing images..."
        @for i in $(IMAGES); do \
                if [ ! -f $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(IMAGE_DIR)/$$i ]; then
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(top_srcdir)/installdir/$$i
        done && test -z "$$fail"
        @echo "Creating rundig script..."
        @if [ ! -f $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(BIN_DIR)/rundig ]; then \
                sed -e s%@BIN_DIR@%$(BIN_DIR)% -e
$(top_srcdir)/installdir/rundig >$(INSTALL_ROOT)$(BIN_DIR)/rundig; \
                chmod 755 $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(BIN_DIR)/rundig; \
        @echo "Installation done."
        @echo ""
        @echo "Before you can start searching, you will need to create
        @echo "search database. A sample script to do this has been"
        @echo "installed as " $(INSTALL_ROOT)$(BIN_DIR)/rundig

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