[htdig] Page ignored!

Subject: [htdig] Page ignored!
From: Paul Key (pkey@hcs.sghms.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 05:33:17 PST

HTDig 3_1_3 Sun Solaris 7

I have installed the above binary and am able to index and
search my website OK apart from one area.

I have a page in the website's document root - i.e. at the
same level as the home page (which in my case - the
homepage is an shtml file - I don't think this makes any
difference though).

I have a page in the same directory which is not linked
directly from the home page but is referenced from a page
'lower' in the site's directory structure.

However when I search for text I know is contained in this
page the page is not returned by the search.

Any ideas where I am going wrong and how I can include this
page in my search?



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