[htdig] Can htdig index paragraphs in text files?

Subject: [htdig] Can htdig index paragraphs in text files?
From: Mike Franks (franks@ssc.ucla.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 06:08:19 PST

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't find it in the docs. Can
htdig be used to index and return individual paragraphs in one or more
text files? I have almost 20,000 bibliographic entries spread across 26
files and each entry is separated by a blank line. I want to be able to
search across all files and return only those entries that
match. Obviously returning the whole file would be way too much. I could
break them into files with a Perl script, but my sysadmin probably
wouldn't like 20,000 tiny files.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Please email me directly as I'm not yet on this list. Thanks,

Mike Franks email: franks@ssc.ucla.edu
Social Sciences Computing phone: (310) 206-2109
UCLA fax: (310) 825-4936

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