[htdig] Indexing of Speech

Subject: [htdig] Indexing of Speech
From: Rzepa, Henry (h.rzepa@ic.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 01:16:19 PST

I note with interest that compac run a service indexing audio files,
via a speech recognition system called Sphinx.


 Given availability of software
such as Dragon/viavoice etc, does anyone know if its possible to
find an external parser which could be bolted into htdig to index
audio and multimedia files?

And if this happens to be my last posting of this year, very best wishes
to all on the list for Christmas and the "naughties".

Henry Rzepa. +44 171 594 5774 (Office) +44 171 594 5804 (Fax)

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