[htdig] Help on changing the link on the results page

Subject: [htdig] Help on changing the link on the results page
From: Brian A. Marks (bmarks@pobox.com)
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 22:58:17 PST

Hello everyone:

I just installed the latest version of ht://Dig and it seems great so
far...very easy to install and use, and the results seem to be very
accurate. I have what I hope are two simple questions and after extensive
reading of the documentation I've turned here for help.


1) Much of my site content is in old mailing list digests that are searched
and displayed in a results listing as shown here:


Basically I wrote a quick and dirty Perl script to parse out the .txt files
(which are just digest e-mails from the mailing list I run) to make them
easier to read, but this results in messy search results.

What I'd prefer the ht://Dig results to say, instead of the messy URL
above, would be

1998 Digest 908

so that the user would know what s/he is looking at. The link should
remain as above, but the text description of the link should be in English
as I just described.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

2) I have seen sites where the search form gives the user options of
searching different sub-sections of the site, and even options for off-site
searching. I believe the way to do this is to set up a different
configuration file that specifies different db files for the index to be
written to, and then to add a select box on the search form which has a
value of whatever db is appropriate for the selection. Is this the way it
works? Is there a reference on how to do this somwhere on the web that I
just didn't see?

Thanks for any advice and time you can lend. I appreciate this list and
the extensive help that was available on the ht://Dig website. Someone has
put a lot of work into this and it has turned out great.

Thank you,

Brian A. Marks
Vertical Stores Corp.
Grand Prix Store / PartsForYourTruck.com

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