[htdig] htmerge running out of space

Subject: [htdig] htmerge running out of space
From: KHumpf@IITRI.ORG
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 11:13:08 PST

A little while back, I was running out of temp space trying to run htdig
against one big file (lots and lots of links). I solved that by chopping it
up into lots of little files, then linking them all together. Htdig would
clean out the temp space before moving on to the next chunk of links. That
finally finished indexing and I still have some hard drive room left
Now I'm trying to run htmerge on that huge database... and I'm having the
same problem. The indexed pages aren't very big, but there are lots and
lots of them so the database is now huge. Is there any way I can get
htmerge to run against this database?
Thanks in advance!
Keith Humpf
khumpf@iitri.org <mailto:khumpf@iitri.org>

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