Re: [htdig] Re: [ANNOUNCE] ht://Dig 3.1.4 RPMs for Red Hat

Subject: Re: [htdig] Re: [ANNOUNCE] ht://Dig 3.1.4 RPMs for Red Hat
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 14:00:11 PST

According to
> The machine runs production now so testing is not possible. (I got
> it solved after spending an afternoon on it.) As said I had to clear out
> all that was added and then some more and move it to the top of the config
> file.

Well, you're not giving me much to go on, so I can't really change the
RPM post-install script based on this. I'm going to assume that the
first ServerName directive in your httpd.conf points to a server that
doesn't work. There's not a lot that can be done about that, other than
to recommend that you check the whole config file before beginning.

I think that's true of RPMs in general. They don't give you any feedback
about how they set up the configuration, so it's up to the installer to
verify that configuration before using it. I'll try to make the lines
I add to the config more self-explanatory, but beyond that there's not
much I can do.

> > On the other hand, if the "random behaviour" is in fact just htdig diging
> > a site other than what you wanted, because the RPM grabbed an address from
> > your httpd.conf other than what you wanted, then this is a configuration
> > issue and not a bug in htdig. That's what I'm trying to sort out here.
> It was htdig not digging at all. Just a glance and it was gone. The result
> were not logical at all.

That doesn't sound like random behaviour at all to me. That sounds like
exactly what htdig would do if it couldn't contact the server you were
trying to index. It's designed to silently go on to the next server,
if there is one, when the server it's trying is down. You have to
specify one or more -v options to get more verbose output.

You said the start_url was set automatically to "".
That IP address must have come straight out of a ServerName directive
in your httpd.conf file, because that's all that the RPM post-install
script looks at. If that referred to a non-existant server, or one that
was down, then you'd get the behaviour you described.

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