[htdig] Custom factors?

Subject: [htdig] Custom factors?
From: Simon Blake (simon@citylink.co.nz)
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 15:06:36 PST

Hi there

I've just setup htdig to index a website that has a sitemap on every page,
included as a drop down <select> menu. Because this is on every page, if
you search a term that occurs in the drop down list, every page in the
webspace is returned, which isn't wonderful on a website with several GB
of static pages!

Therefore, I'd like to prevent htdig from indexing material between
<select name=url> and </select>. Is this a straightforward way to achieve
this? Looking at the factor system, it struck me that a neat way to do
this would be with a custom factor - you define the start and end tags,
maybe with a regexp, and everything in between gets the relevant weight.

I've had a good look through htdig.org, and I don't see anything -
apologies if this is a FAQ...


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