Re: [htdig] key value error

Subject: Re: [htdig] key value error
From: Daniel Stringfield (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 09:40:06 PST

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Jens Moellenhoff wrote:

> Hello all,
> When I try to index my site, I get the following message:
> DB2 problem...: missing or empty key value specified
> Can this also mean that I have given a wrong key value in the config
> file, or is this definitely an indication for a missing or empty key
> value? Can this also mean that htdig has no permission to go to a
> directory I have used when giving the key values?

I also started getting these messages. It was after I stopped an index in
progress that it occured. (I later restarted it, and ran htmerge, but I
still get the errors.) I think this created a corrupted database. I
imagine that it will go away if you dump your existing database, and
reindex from scratch.

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