Re: [htdig] OT: catdoc results

Subject: Re: [htdig] OT: catdoc results
From: peter karlsson (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 02:10:58 PST

Giancarlo Pinerolo:

> So I actually got to know a detailed technical&economical offer made to
> someone else, upon which the doc I received was probably based.
> That itself is really a back orifice....:-(

Well, M$ themselves is to blame, because of their undelete buffers and their
not cleaning out the document memory before using it. Often you can find
things like login passwords in a Word document when looking at it with a hex

That's why it's never recommended to make M$Word documents available to
someone else (or to use it at all, for that sake).

peter -

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