[htdig] Characters like '' '' '' ...

Subject: [htdig] Characters like '' '' '' ...
From: Gabriele Bartolini (g.bartol@comune.prato.it)
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 01:10:36 PST

Ciao my friends,

        I am asking a favour to you ... I'd like to know how htdig behaves with
characters like '', '', '', etc ... which are strongly used in Italy ...
Indeed, I just installed 3.1.4 version and I want to make some changes on
the configuration ...

        How can I make it index them (cos, so far, I have made it skip them). In
fact, still now, I cannot set right the locale for Italy ... But is there a
generic setting for characters, like iso-8859-1 (italian's one belongs to
this) which I can set?

        I am sorry, but (as many other things) I am not very skilled with this
subject. And so, can anyone help me, by explaining me a solution (maybe) or
by briefly telling me what is the general mechanism for these chars treatment?

Your disappeared developer (Mmmh ... am I a developer ?)


Gabriele Bartolini
Computer Programmer (are U sure?)
U.O. Rete Civica - Comune di Prato
Prato - Italia - Europa

e-mail: g.bartol@comune.prato.it

"Life teaches you never stop learning ..."


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