RE: [htdig] How about a htdig newgroup?

Subject: RE: [htdig] How about a htdig newgroup?
From: Wayne Larmon (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 14:04:46 PST

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> > Is it possible to replace this mailing list with a htdig
> newsgroup? This
> > mailing list is so active that it isn't attractive to subscribe
> to because
> > that means too much incoming mail. But it is also clumsy to
> try to monitor
> > (and post to) the list from the web archive.
> >
> > Newsgroups are much more suited for this kind of activity IMHO.
> But I've
> > never set up a newsgroup, so I don't have any idea how to do it.
> >
> > Good idea, bad idea?
> >
> IMHO I like mailing lists. News Groups are to much of a pain. I
> agree with some
> of the other posts about having tried them and quit using them.
> If you want to
> keep them seperate then use email software with rules and have
> them put in there
> own directory or submail box. This will keep them out of the way.
> I find it easy
> to follow the topics by subject header, especiall if the header
> is well done.

I do use a mail program that has rules, but I also immediatly open the mail
program when every incoming message arrives. That is workable for my normal
email, because I usually need to attend to each incoming message, but I
don't want to be continually interrupted by each posting to the htdig
mailing list.

If I had a mail client that allowed me to tag htdig related messages as
"store, but do not beep" then I would be all set. But "beep on incoming
messages" is global and can't be tied to individual rules. (I don't think.
I'm using Outlook 2000.)

Wayne Larmon

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