[htdig] Multiple sites

Subject: [htdig] Multiple sites
From: Kari Suomela (ks@karicobs.com)
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 21:59:09 PST

Monday December 13 1999 11:48, Gilles Detillieux wrote to Kari Suomela:

>> modification to the search form is the change of "value=htdig" to
>> "value=othersite".

 GD> The modification to the search form is correct, but the htmerge
 GD> command above is not sufficient. If you want to maintain separate
 GD> databases for different sites, you must set the database_dir or

I tried to simplify things and inluded all virtual domains in the main
htdig.conf, i.e created one database. Now everything is found ok for
the main domain, but nothing for the others. -vvv option doesn't seem
to report anything wrong, i.e. all pages seem to be found at that


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