Re: [htdig] <strong> around matched words

Subject: Re: [htdig] around matched words
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 10:31:51 PST

According to Aaron Turner:
> I'm trying to track down why on one ht://dig 3.1.3 install in the results
> list, it puts <strong></strong> around the matched words, but on another
> install they're not there. I can't find anything in the templates to turn
> it on/off...

3.1.3, eh? Did you apply the highlight patch to one of these? If so,
check your settings of start_highlight and end_highlight.

If not, there's another reason why the highlighting might not work.
If the search words aren't found in the first max_head_length bytes of
a document, and no_excerpt_show_top is true, htsearch will display the
first bit of the document, but there's nothing to highlight because the
words you're looking for aren't there.

Another possibility might be that you're searching for multiple words, but
the only ones that appar in the excerpt are less than minimum_word_length,
or are in bad_words. Older versions of htsearch highlighted these
anyway, but htsearch 3.1.3 and later don't because they're not used in
the database search (and never were).

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