Re: [htdig] Multiple sites

Subject: Re: [htdig] Multiple sites
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 09:48:06 PST

According to Kari Suomela:
> I have a few sites on my server. Htdig works perfectly on my own (main)
> site. I am trying to create separate search forms/databases for each
> one of the others, so they would only find documents within their own
> sites.
> I've run rundig, created new othersite.conf files and run 'htmerge -c
> othersite.conf -vvv'. No errors seem to be reported, but nothing is
> still found when I do a search. The only modification to the search
> form is the change of "value=htdig" to "value=othersite".

The modification to the search form is correct, but the htmerge command
above is not sufficient. If you want to maintain separate databases
for different sites, you must set the database_dir or database_base
attribute differently in each configuration file, so that there will be
no conflict between the names or locations of database files for each
independent site.

Next, you must index each site separately! That means running both htdig
and htmerge (or simply rundig, which calls both htdig and htmerge) with
each separate configuration file. Running htmerge multiple times after
one single htdig or rundig doesn't make sense. htmerge cannot split
up your database for you. There are only two things htmerge can do: 1)
merge the words together, from all the documents read in one run of htdig,
into one single word database for htsearch, and 2) when the -m option
is used, merge two separate databases, from two separate runs of htdig,
into a single search database.

> I would like all those other databases to be in their own directories,
> but it is not really necessary, if the search can be limited with the
> -c option.
> What have I missed now?

If you want independent databases for each site, you need to set
database_dir or database_base as described above. If you want to work
with one unified database for all sites, but have searches on a site
restricted to results on that site, you should set the "restrict" input
parameter in the search form. See the htsearch documentation for details
on this second option. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

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