[htdig] nomatch.html again...

Subject: [htdig] nomatch.html again...
From: antonio chavez (achavez@apollo.ccu.umich.mx)
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 08:26:06 PST


I finally solved the problem of translating the titles in
METHOD, FORMAT and SORT in nomatch. html. Now i want to share it..

I changed in htdig.config the next directives:

===================== METHOD =================================================

method_names: and Todas or Cualquiera boolean Booleano

(Reserved words: and, or, boolean)

====================== SORT ================================================

sort_names: score 'Mejor busqueda' time 'Mas nuevo' title 'Titulo Ascendente' \
            revscore 'Peor busqueda' revtime 'Mas viejo' revtitle 'Titulo descendente'
(Reserved words: score, time, title, revscore, revtime, revtitle)

======================= FORMAT =========================================

template_map: Largo long ${common_dir}/long.html \
                Corto short ${common_dir}/short.html

(Reserved words: long, short)



Antonio Chavez

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