[htdig] Newbie on ISP/htdig question

Subject: [htdig] Newbie on ISP/htdig question
From: Ryan Williams (webmaster@subrealsongs.com)
Date: Sun Dec 12 1999 - 17:58:24 PST

I have a web hosting accout running Apache 1.3 on an ISP which
appropriately installs htdig via a control panel. Everything normally works
fine, but I am now redirecting several domains to the same account using
mod_rewrite. To do this I have to set up new DIRs for each domain which has
rendered my account's root cgi-bin useless. Therefore, I have to create a
new cgi-bin in each subdomain's DIR and move all my htdig files around.

The ISP's control panel normally stick them here:

/web/u1/<hosting account>/cgi-bin/htsearch
/web/u1/<hosting account>/cgi-bin/rundig
/web/u1/<hosting account>/htdig
/web/u1/<hosting account>/www/htdig
/web/u1/<hosting account>/htdig/conf/htdig.conf

Due to the rewrite, I've had to move them here:

/web/u1/<hosting account>/www/<new.domain.com>/cgi-bin/htsearch
/web/u1/<hosting account>/www/<new.domain.com>/cgi-bin/rundig
/web/u1/<hosting account>/www/<new.domain.com>/htdig
/web/u1/<hosting account>/www/<new.domain.com>/www/htdig
/web/u1/<hosting account>/www/<new.domain.com>/htdig/conf/htdig.conf

1) Every time I test htsearch through search.html in the www/htdig DIR using
<form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/htsearch">
I get:

405 Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL

2) If I try to access the htsearch script directly through my browser:
the browser tries to display the code as text.

Does this all sound like a problem due to the changed DIRs or am I just
doing something stupid with the new cgi-bin? Or both :)

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