[htdig] Multiple sites

Subject: [htdig] Multiple sites
From: Kari Suomela (ftnx@karicobs.com)
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 02:27:32 PST

I have a few sites on my server. Htdig works perfectly on my own (main)
site. I am trying to create separate search forms/databases for each
one of the others, so they would only find documents within their own

I've run rundig, created new othersite.conf files and run 'htmerge -c
othersite.conf -vvv'. No errors seem to be reported, but nothing is
still found when I do a search. The only modification to the search
form is the change of "value=htdig" to "value=othersite".

I would like all those other databases to be in their own directories,
but it is not really necessary, if the search can be limited with the
-c option.

What have I missed now?


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