[htdig] htdig output templates: XML? RDF? SHOE? DAML?

Subject: [htdig] htdig output templates: XML? RDF? SHOE? DAML?
From: Rzepa, Henry (h.rzepa@ic.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 00:25:55 PST

Four daya ago, I read all the postings on the subject, and rapidly
created a Sherlock plugin for our htdig site. Noting that to
ensure uniqueness, it was necessary to produce custom templates
of eg the type

name="Chemistry Department, Imperial College"
resultListStart="<!-- LIST -->"
resultListEnd="<!-- /LIST -->"
resultItemStart="<!-- ITEM -->"
resultItemEnd="<!-- /ITEM -->"
relevanceStart="<!-- SCORE -->"
relevanceEnd="<!-- /SCORE -->"

I began to wonder whether a more formal method might exist
to allow the results of different search engines to inter-operate,
and to eliminate the rather ungainly need for plugins in the first
place (ie Sherlock plugins are proprietary and incompatible
with other plugins).

I posted to the Sherlock list, and received the below from one of
the "gurus", Sean Luke;

so my question to THIS forum and the developers is whether you
folks have any strategic long term goal of moving the output of
htrdig into an inter-operable arena, which might implement any
of the methods described below.

"There are a few languages on the horizon that may be of interest, but
they're not in general use yet.

- RDF is a semantic network language developed for this purpose. It's an
XML application (a language "written in XML"). It started life as the MCF
project at Apple. W3C is behind its design, and it has a lot of big boys
behind it. Which is ironic, because it's basically very poorly
implemented. Its syntax is convoluted, its semantics are too simple for
anything but very basic use, and its model (semantic networks) is too
simplistic in my opinion. See http://www.w3.org/RDF/

- SHOE is a research language with much more powerful semantics than RDF,
and which is easier to use and with a simpler syntax. RDF has of late
been borrowing a lot of stuff from SHOE, especially the symbol-resolution
mechanisms. SHOE comes both as an SGML application (a superset of HTML)
and as an XML application, pick your poison. I should come clean and say
that I invented SHOE a few years back, though it's in the hands of other
researchers now. See http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/plus/SHOE/

- DAML is a recent DARPA initiative for designing a standardized
knowledge-representation language for web pages and agent interaction. See
http://www.darpa.mil/baa/#iso and look at the "Agent Based Computing"
section. DAML is citing SHOE and RDF as its two big proto-examples"


Henry Rzepa. +44 171 594 5774 (Office) +44 171 594 5804 (Fax) Dept. Chemistry, Imperial College, London, SW7 2AY, UK. http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/rzepa/

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