Re: [htdig] Files under htdig/db

Subject: Re: [htdig] Files under htdig/db
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 07:35:06 PST

At 2:32 PM +0100 12/8/99, Wolfram Stumpf wrote:
>Do I need all files in the db-directory for searching purpose? If not,
>which do I need? And what are the others good for? I already searched
>through the FAQ and the archive.

I think this has been outlined before on the mailing list, but you're
right that it should be somewhere more prominent.

These are absolutely necessary for searching:
db.docdb -- document database -- DocID -> URL index
db.words.index -- word index

If by the "others" you mean db.wordlist, that's used for running
htdig w/o -i, or "update" digs. Basically, when indexing it will try
to read the previous databases and go from there with the dig.

>P.S.: By the way, what about the files in htdig/common? Are they all
>necessary for searching?

Most of them. Since this is a directory that most people customize
(templates, word lists, etc) it's hard to say what is and is not
required. There are a few that aren't truly required (e.g. the
synonym file or english.* files after generating the synonym and
endings db), but I'd suggest that it makes more sense to keep them

Hope that helps,

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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