[htdig] Files under htdig/db

Subject: [htdig] Files under htdig/db
From: Wolfram Stumpf (stumpf@rancon.de)
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 05:32:23 PST

Hi out there !

Iīve got the following "problem". I use two different servers, one for
digging and the other one for searching. I donīt want to have heavy
traffic on my search server, so I copy the db-files there after the dig.
Do I need all files in the db-directory for searching purpose? If not,
which do I need? And what are the others good for? I already searched
through the FAQ and the archive.


        Wolfram Stumpf

P.S.: By the way, what about the files in htdig/common? Are they all
necessary for searching?

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