Re: [htdig] Multiple databases with various languages.

Subject: Re: [htdig] Multiple databases with various languages.
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 09:50:07 PST

According to Tony Woodcock:
> Hi. I have the Ht://Dig search engine installed on my site and
> operational for the main database, which happens to be for English.
> Now, I am in the process of making a database for Greek and Hebrew
> manuscripts of the Bible. I have already created a second config file
> for the second database, which will be Greek called htdig2.conf. I have
> followed all of the information of the Ht://Dig website FAQ, and
> archives I could find for lines to put in htdig2.conf. When I logged in
> through Telnet to my host server(where the engine is) and wrote the
> command,
> "perl rundig -c /home/godrules/public_html/htdig/conf/htdig2.conf -vvv"
> in a linux Red
> Hat environment, I received this error, "DB2 problem...: missing or
> empty key value specified." When I looked at some of the data on the
> screen resulting from the -vvv option, I noticed that it wasn't
> registering any text from the files it first looked at.

That error usually indicates a corrupt database. Which Red Hat version
are you running? Did you install from one of the pre-compiled RPMs, and
if so, are you sure you grabbed the right one for your system? If the
RPMs don't work for you (assuming you used one), you should rebuild from
the source.

As for the command above, I'm assuming you mean sh and not perl. The
supplied rundig script is a Bourne shell script, not a Perl script.

> Now, I have set all these attributes below:
> database_base: ${database_dir}/greek
> lang_dir: ${common_dir}/greek
> locale: gr_GR
> The only thing I haven't done is install the dictionary for greek. Do I
> need this if I am just having rundig make the list of words without
> synonyms or prefix suffix endings?

No, the dictionaries are only used for the endings fuzzy algorithm, and are
not needed by htdig.

> Also, the attribute "lang_dir" above
> was in the Ht://Dig FAQ, but it is not in the Configuration Manual.
> Does this attribute still exist? Any help would be much appreciated. I
> have looked at basically all the info on this topic(I think) on the
> Ht://Dig site.

The lang_dir attribute is not, nor has ever been a standard part of ht://Dig.
You are allowed to define your own attributes, for use in other attribute
definitions, much like shell variables or Perl variables. They're a means
to an end, but not an end in themselves. If you define lang_dir, it will
have no effect unless you also use it, as the example in the FAQ demonstrates.

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