[htdig] One dictionary for more than one language

Subject: [htdig] One dictionary for more than one language
From: Giancarlo Pinerolo (ping@alter.it)
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 16:33:38 PST

I've kinda succeeded in partly merging (simply append+sort -u) two
dictionaries: english and italian.
As I am indexing the world out there, so I'd like to have them both at
the same time.

Couldn't merge the endings rules, as the italian ones seem to occupate
the whole spectrum A-Z;

I see that the it words contain both singulars and plurals, while
english don't. Anyway on the site I suggest using suffix* to get most
results, and mostly it people mistake english words rather than italian
so it's a good compromise.

Probably there's a better way. Any experience or link to where I can
find more?


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