[htdig] boolean query to get today's date

Subject: [htdig] boolean query to get today's date
From: Giancarlo Pinerolo (ping@alter.it)
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 16:52:19 PST


I am using htdig in strange ways: monitoring pages. So time is an
Every now and then htgig indexes a limited number of sites to get some
And I was wondering if, as absurd as you may think, anyone has some
boolean query that can get somehow close in finding today's date, in all
its possible forms, out of a text file.

That would position the excerpt to the very important piece of document
and help somehow when servers do not return a last_modified date.

I know it's silly, and there would be far too many possibility, and in
the end that would be impossible even with proximity, but, as the
machine is doing it for me, I wouldn't mind to get as close as possible.

I succeded in getting today's date in the form '07/11/1999' or
'7/11/1999' or November or Nov, etc, but I am lazy and thought if anyone
has gone any closer


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