[htdig] Problem Indexing huge sites

Subject: [htdig] Problem Indexing huge sites
From: Thorsten Roeder (thorroed@weihenstephan.org)
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 08:41:22 PST

maybe anyone can help me with this Problem:

I'm indexing my server (and other virtual servers) with htdig it all works
quite fine.

To have a search engine for special groups I have made an extra .conf -
File and header and ... using the "restrict" option in the HTML forms.

So I can generate different outputs. But only on one configuration it
doesn't work correctly, althought it is equal to the others. It only
works if I type in more than one word to search. By entering only one word
it doesn't find anything.

If you know anything, please drop me a line .


Thorsten Roeder


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