Re: [htdig] Re: Request for a CGI-based admin interface

Subject: Re: [htdig] Re: Request for a CGI-based admin interface
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 16:24:37 PST

At 7:02 PM -0500 12/1/99, Nathaniel Irons wrote:
>parallel. Maybe that's a good idea, but it's in a different dimension
>from the $75 token, and it seems ill-advised with a big new htdig
>revision in the offing.

Yes and it's a new revision that even makes the config system even
more flexible! But as you say, that's not what I'm thinking.

>That's going to remain the primary hurdle with this admin interface,
>whether you choose to call it a UI problem or a documentation problem.
>htdig has a simply dizzying array of options, many of which initially
>overwhelm the experience of novice search-site admins.

Granted. However, my vision is something towards the 80/20 rule (or
90/10 or whatever). Yes, the documentation can use some work and help
in that regard would be greatly appreciated. But the requirements I
mentioned are in some sense, things that I see as the basics. As in
"I want to index this server, but only these URLs and not these." As
in "I'd like to index each academic department's servers into
separate databases, then let me know when that's done so I can merge
them together."

Or more pointedly, an admin sets up ht://Dig (and the CGI) and
someone else is entering URLs for external sites to be indexed.
People have contacted me in this exact situation.

Or for ISPs who want to give clients the ability to control how their
site is indexed and searched.

Does this make sense?

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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