Re: [htdig] Javascript Generated Content

Subject: Re: [htdig] Javascript Generated Content
From: Torsten Neuer (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 00:58:24 PST

Nguyen Nguyen wrote:
> Hi,
> I used htdig a while ago and i think it was great. Now I want to use
> htdig on my new site that i have but it seem to have a problem. Most of
> my site use Javascript to generate the content (for compat b/c Netscape
> and IE)....but when i run coudn't get collect any info..I would
> like to know if there is anyway to get htdig to go thru JavaScript code
> and collect the data?

AFAIK there is no way for any spider software to get through Java,
or any other client-side scripting nor to handle forms used in
which means that your site isn't indexable by any other web spider, too.

However, I also cannot see any need of having client-side scripting
of a HTML document in order to "work around incompatibilities between x
y browsers" - if you do this, you will *always* leave out some more or
important browsers (heck, NS and IE aren't the only browsers around).

Stick to what W3C said to be valid HTML, and you'll be happy in most


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