Re: [htdig] modification_time_is_now again

Subject: Re: [htdig] modification_time_is_now again
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 20:39:59 PST

Giancarlo Pinerolo's bits of Wed, 1 Dec 1999 translated to:

> > This sets ht://Dig's response to a server that does not return a modification date. By default, it stores nothing. By setting
> > modification_time_is_now, it will store the current time if the server does not return a date. Though this will return
> > incorrect dates in search results, it will cut down on reindexing from such servers when doing updates.
> I don't understand why it says 'it will cut down on reindexing from such
> servers when doing updates'.
I believe the documentation is in error. My experience is that setting
modification_time_is_now to true causes every failed request for a
modification time to result in the corresponding page being reindexed.
This of course is exactly what you need if you are concerned about
updates working for pages on uncooperative servers.


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